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Ashtead Chess Club

Welcome to Ashtead Chess Club NEWS!

Ashtead Chess Club has partnered with Driven Coffee to launch a coffee fundraising program for .

Ashtead Chess Club is offering free Chess lessons until the end of July 2008.

Ashtead member Chris Briscoe draws against GM Nigel Short!

Ashtead member David Howell the youngest ever English Grandmaster!

Michael Bolan presented with the BCF "President's Award 2004" for services to chess

David Howell to play Sergey Karjakin at The Art of Chess Exhibition in London, 11/6/2003

Anna Partington picked for European Championships, 10/06/2003

Chantal Sirisena picked for World Championships, 31/05/2003

David Howell receives Best Young Chess Player award at Britain's Brilliant Prodigies, 05/05/2003

David Howell scored 7/9 in the category 2 First Saturday IM tournament in Budapest for his first IM norm, 16/04/2003

New Grading List shows Anna Partington in top 3 England girls, 05/08/2002

David Howell draws with World Champion, 01/03/2002

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