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Games 15/16 (with analysis)

Games 14/15 (with analysis)

Games 13/14 (with analysis)

Games 12/13 (with analysis)

Games 11/12 (with analysis)

Games 10/11 (with analysis)

Games 09/10 (with analysis)

Games 08/09 (with analysis)

Games 07/08 (with analysis)

Games 16/17 (with analysis)

Note:in order to view games on this page (the games are in PGN format) you will need a PGN viewer such as for example Scid (which is free), many commercial chess packages, such as for example Fritz (all versions), support viewing of PGN files; if you are running Windows, after clicking on a PGN file in the web browser you should be able to select between the two options: 1) save, and 2) open, and if you have opted for open (and have installed a software capable of PGN file viewing) the file will be automatically opened in your default PGN viewer; the PGN files can be downloaded and saved on your computer (option 1 above), so that you can view them locally (local viewing does not require access to the Internet); alternatively, you can download PGN files (option 1 above) and read them as text files, possibly print games you are interested in, and play the moves on a real chess board.

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Updated on 9th of October 2018