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Ashtead Chess Club

Ashtead Chess Club EVENTS

We host a variety of events here at Ashtead Chess Club.

Mike Healey's simul at the Ashtead Chess Club on 9th of September! Healey W Michael (ECF 194) will be giving a simultaneous display in the Ashtead Chess Club on Tuesday the 9th of September 2014 at 7.30pm. Ashtead Chess Club members are invited to play.

Ashtead Chess Club is offering free chess coaching on Tuesdays, starting on 5th July at 7pm at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. For more information contact Richard Jones on 01372 813487 or 07811 887604.

We will also be hosting coaching sessions that will be helpful to new and advanced players. They will go through different strategies and popular openings. There also will be many tournaments to attend.

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Updated on 9th of October 2018