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Learn about some of the best chess openings such as the Sicilian Defense, Italian Game, French Defense, Reti System, and much more! There is so much to learn in chess. The number of different moves and strategies is endless. The more you understand about chess, the better player you will become. Let's talk about some basic opening to get you started.

Sicilian Defense

The Sicilian Defense is one of the most popular black openings. It is used to counter a white opening to e4. After white opens to e4, black moves to c5. This sets up an aggressive defense for black and denies a double pawn opening for white to e4 and d4. The Sicilian Defense is so strong that many players with d4 if they are playing white. The black pawn on c5 will eventually be used to trade pieces and open the c file. White must worry about two things against the Sicilian Defense: the defense itself and the possible counter attack. The game can go a lot of different ways after this. Try it out in your next game!

Benoni Defense

If white opens with d4 instead of e4, the Benoni Defense is a useful opening for black. Lots of games where white opens with d4 are usually equal throughout most of the game. The Benoni Defense gives black a change to gain an advantage in that situation. White will often want to take control of the d5 square. You will build up a defense that will stop pressure from white and create openings for your bishops to take control.

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Updated on 9th of October 2018